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I found the most challenging part of trading covered calls was understanding the process which has got nothing to do with investment decisions.  The data shows us that if you buy shares and write (sell) and option over thoes shares you will be paid a premium, and often this can represent a 30% annualised return. 

The shares you buy and the options you write are your decision.  However, My Covered Calls and ProWriter software presents you with factual data which you may use to help you decide.

This factual information is presented simply in a report so you can see the Yield, check the Trend and write a Trading Plan.

But how do you go about buying shares, placing an order, writing an option contract and a bunch of other stuff.  

You can contact me, Tony on 0408763663 and I am happy tell my story about setting up accounts, getting an online broker, how to place an options trade etc.  You can also speak openly with an experience options Adviser, Adie.  He can set you up with a free account if you wish to trade with a real person.  He can also offer financial advice.

Here at My Covered Calls we offer a great data service which displays all the information you may need to write a wining trading plan, however, if you need help understanding something like ACH fees or weather to buy to "open" or buy to "close" then we are happy to help you.


Our Mission is to Help People with Covered Calls.


Buy Shares. Sell Covered Calls. Earn Income.



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