My Covered Calls is an Australian business registered in Queensland since 2006. It's a data provider for people who wish to trade Covered Call options. Alex and Tony are the original founders. They are both private traders who needed a better way to obtain ASX option data and analyse it. They developed a very successful on-line system that involves purchasing the ASX option data and presenting it in an easy to understand format.  And distributing that information to MyCC Members.

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Back in about 2006, Alex had been trading for some time and had good knowledge of the stock market. Later on he would become a Stockbroker. Tony was looking for a way to earn more income from shares besides dividends. Tony and Alex were talking about share trading when Alex explained "buy-writes".  Buying shares and writing covered call options over them. Tony was interested and soon was researching options and calculating the covered call returns using end-of-day data read from the Australian Financial Review.  It was 2006.  This process worked OK but was very time consuming and given that there are 100's of options each day, was a bit risky as a good return could be easily missed. Not to mention dividends due or contract size which can change from month to month. Being a consulting engineer Tony wrote an algorithm to calculate every option outcome and tabled the results in a spreadsheet.  Alex saw this and exclaimed how it would revolutionise how investors, advisers and fund managers would plan covered call trades.

Over the next year they developed My Covered Calls, which now updates the data every hour or so, and created ProWriter software which does timely analysis and presents the data in an easy to read format.

My Covered Calls is run from Tony's home office or from a caravan if he is travelling the outback.  Successful covered call option writing may be measured by getting consistent monthly cash flow from high returns.  How could this be achieved?  By knowing which “blue-chip” shares have the highest option Yield, knowing the share price Trend of these companies and making a simple yet effective Trading Plan before entering the market. Then, trading the plan.

My Covered Calls uses ASX data to create Smart Reports that show the highest yields and let you quickly compare returns in, out and at the money.  Share price trends can be instantly viewed within the reports, by clicking the company name.

My Covered Calls consistent success comes from using the yield and trend, and planning all trades, every time; and trading the plan.

Once you enter the market you can follow the live movement of the companies you have selected in the plan, and buy shares and sell options as close to the plan as possible.

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MyCC Smart Report

Click to see live BHP, BSL & TLS sample smart report showing Not-Exercised and Exercise Returns. All Companies available in Members Area.

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