ProWriter 2 Plus shows you which companies on the ASX have the highest option returns and how to create a Trading Plan, with companies you choose, that may return 2.5% income in 30 days.  The software also lets you create your own Trading Plan showing:

  • Company Code
  • Option Expiry Date
  • Number Option Contracts
  • Share Price and Purchase Cost
  • Brokerage Costs
  • Strike Price
  • Profit Not-Exercised
  • Profit Exercised, and
  • Dividends Due Date 

You can download ProWriter for free.  Install on your PC and log in using the demo ID to see real history data (last week) to learn how the software displays all available options on the ASX, lets you select a Short List from those options and create a Trading Plan that you can print, download or email.  Read the User Guide which will also give you a good understanding of trading covered calls.  When you subscribe to My Covered Calls, or take the free trial you get current data by logging in with your new ID and password.

You will also be emailed a demonstration ID and Password.

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ProWriter 2 Plus - Australian Stock Options Data Service


ProWriter  Features

Prowriter is a PC based software that uses stock option data via the internet to automate the Buy-Write / Covered Call Trading Plan, as used by MyCC. This Software has been purpose designed to connect to the internet, download Australian Stockmarket Data, provide factual analysis of that data producing Call and Put Option Yield Reports that show the % return from an option if Exercised, Not-Exercised for "At", "In" and "Out" of the Money Strike Prices. 

The successful outcome of just about anything requires a sound approach to planning.  The goal of ProWriter is to provide you with a tool to quickly view and assess the returns of share options on the ASX.  The application's outcome is to create an efficient and factual Trading Plan for Covered Call Options. Yay!

Prowriter 2 Plus Users can quickly create a report showing all available Options [both Call and Put] and the Yields In, At and Out of the Money for Exercised and Not Exercised outcomes.

ProWriter is only available from My Covered Calls.

Download ProWriter above to test the software or subscribe today For A Risk Free Seven Day Free Trail With Full Access to current data.  Also receive ProWriter Software for FREE! 

Please call me Tony on 0408763663 if you have any questions.  Because trading covered call options is a niche space I am happy to give personal service.

PS I am retired now, and my wife and I are spending time travelling outback experience; so if phone goes to message please be patient and I will get back to you when I can :-)


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MyCC Smart Report

Click to see live BHP, BSL & TLS sample smart report showing Not-Exercised and Exercise Returns. All Companies available in Members Area.

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