Covered Call Options are when you write (sell) an option contract to someone else giving them the right to buy your shares at a later date for a price you decide.  You get paid a Premium for selling the contract; which you may treat as income. 

My Covered Calls shows you the option premiums available for all ASX optionable stocks via its Option Yield Reports and has free software, ProWriter, that produces your Option Trading Plan.  We are a data service that facilliates your option trading planning.  We are not stock brokers; however, I use Comsec.

You can earn extra income from shares by writing Covered Call Options.  Step 1: Identify High Option Yield; Step 2: Buy Shares and Step 3: Write the Option.  For safety, plan your trades with our free ProWriter Trading Plan software.  Subscribers can see Option Yield Reports for all ASX companies.

My Covered Calls website has information, tutorials and examples that show you how to trade covered call options.  Start by Paper Trading to learn and gain experience.  You could also set up your broker account etc while paper trading.


Click here to see an example LIVE Report, and Trend Charts; for BHP, BSL and TLS.  See their actual option (monthly) returns now


You may already earn income from company dividends.  You can earn extra income by writing covered calls options over shares you own.  Covered Calls are technically easy and considered conservative.  Subscribe to My Covered Calls, including the free trial or special offer; and get the following:

  • Full access to My Covered Calls Option Yield Reports  (to quickly identify high option returns exercised or not exercised)
  • Access on all your devices including mobile phones
  • Download free ProWriter Plus Trading Plan software to plan trades, and see actual income returns before you commit
  • 24/7 access to ASX derived option data.  You can plan trades anytime.
  • Ongoing education on option trading and personal support via phone, email or over coffee (Gold Coast/Brisbane).  I'm retired now and love to talk with people.
  • Secure, safe payment gateway with PayPal

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Learn how to buy shares and sell covered call options to earn regular income.  Use our Call Option screener to see the highest call option returns available on the ASX, today.  The easy to read reports show you the best call option YIELDs whether Exercised or Not-Exercised.  You can buy shares and sell call options to earn monthly income from the Australian Stock Market (ASX).  Happy to talk about Covered Calls anytime.  Tony 0408763663

Subscribe now, for free, or take the special offer, to see how to use the MyCC reports to quickly find the highest option returns available on the ASX.  Download ProWriter software, for free, and create your Trading Plan.  Check all the figures against live data when the market is open, just to make sure, and if you are happy with the plan... then trade the plan.  Secured by PayPal.  No contracts, unsubscribe anytime via PayPal.


What's a covered call option?   If you buy or own shares you can sell call options and could earn 2% to 2.5% in 30 days.  Click here to see an example LIVE Report, and Trend Charts; for BHP, BSL and TLS.  See their actual option returns now which are likely to be above 2% for next month.  Have a look; its just data showing actual returns. 

To learn about trading covered calls please download the Five Steps to Trading Covered CallsAlso have a look at ProWriter our free option trade planner software.

If you want to be successful selling covered call options then you could use the best data available to help plan your trades.  Take the guess work out of the equation and never miss an opportunity by instantly seeing the highest returns (YIELD), available by using My Covered Calls.  You can screen both CALL and PUT options for buying or selling. 

Take the FREE trial, or see my special first month 1/2 price offer.

My Covered Calls had its first subscriber on 22 May 2006... that's over 16 years continuous service providing data and support to our Users.  Unique service helping people plan option trades and earn income by writing call options over shares. 

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Instantly scan ASX options to find the highest returns available.  Save time and minimise risk of missing an opportunity.  Create a Trading Plan easily with My Covered Calls and ProWriter free software

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How To Generate Income

We want to buy shares and sell options (Buy-Writes)

Using a buy-write strategy generates income from your capital in 24 hours. Buy-Writes can be done on-line or with an advisor.

I already own shares and want to learn to write covered calls

Earn extra income by selling covered calls against your existing portfolio.

We have blue chip shares in our super and want to write covered all options

Leverage off existing Shares in your super to grow your fund using covered call options. Consider Writing "out-of-the-money" longer term contracts.

What's a covered call. I need a little help! Please show me

See how to use Covered call Options to generate monthly income from owning blue chip shares.