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Buy Shares, Sell Calls, Earn Income. 

Want a better way to screen every available CALL and PUT option on the ASX?  My Covered Calls screens every option on the Australian Stock Exchange while the market is open and caculates the highest option returns available, at that time.  This valuable data is presented to you in a quick and easy to read report.  You can access the reports 24/7.  The latest end-of-day data is displayed when the market is closed so you can plan your trades on weekends and during the evenings.  See a LIVE Example

NEW OFFER FREE Software - ProWriter Plus (PC Only)  Please note: A new version of ProWriter 2 Plus is to be released 10/7/18.  Downloadable from the Member's area.


ProWriter Plus is a very simple and easy to use software package that will show you the highest returns for CALL and PUT options.

ProWriter Plus downloads Australian stock data, calculates the highest returns for each option series and displays the results in an easy to read table, showing you the % return Exercised or Not-Exercised, at the end of an option contract. 

ProWriter lets you select the best option(s) and add them to a Short List for review, and further selection; to add to your Trading Plan.

The Trading Plan lets you input the number of shares you wish to trade and amend any brokerage costs, then calculates the returns in $$$ and %

Call me (Tony) on 0408763663 to upgrade to ProWriter Plus for free.  Its a manual process while I am upgradeing the website.  ProWriter Plus is free, however, after the free trial needs a data subscription to My Covered Calls @$59.95 per month, to function.  We have been providing this data service to Traders since 2006 and appear to be unique in the Australian market. 

Download the "5 Steps to Trading Covered Calls" via the form at Access Now.  The 5 Steps are Yield, Trend, Plan, Diary & Trade.  These steps have proven success with a whole bunch of My Covered Calls Members. The paper discusses each step and is very worthwhile if you already trade calls or plan to in future.  You can also download a free covered call calculator, which is a spreadsheet but its what people use who don't have access to ProWriter Plus.  Bit dated but still a good read.  Informative.

If you want to be successful selling covered call options then you need the best data available to help plan your trades.  Take the guess work out of the equasion and never miss an opportunity by instantly seeing the highest returns, YIELD, available by using the My Covered Calls option screening system.  You can screen both CALL and PUT options for buying or selling. 

Take the FREE trial to prove the option screener and try out ProWriter.  It is user friendly especially for existing call traders and comes with instructions for newbies.   

My Covered Calls has been operating continuously since 2005

                 Click Here For a No Obligation 7 Day Free Trial


We have blue chip shares in our Super and want to write Covered Call Options

Leverage off existing Shares in your super to grow your fund using covered call options. Consider Writing "out-of-the-money" longer term contracts.


I already own shares and want to learn to write Covered Calls.

Earn extra income by selling covered calls against your existing portfolio.


We want to buy shares and sell options [buy-Writes].

Using a buy-write strategy generates income from your capital in 24 hours. Buy-Writes can be done on-line or with an advisor.


What's a Covered Call. I need a little Help! Please show me.

See how to use Covered call Options to generate monthly income from
owning blue chip shares.  Register for the Toolbox tutorial


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